Fraudulent Cashier's Checks

Consumer Alert: Avoid Counterfeit Checks

AltaPacific Bank is warning consumers that Fraudulent Cashier's Checks are being sent to unsuspecting individuals.

For questions or concerns about Fraudulent Cashier's Checks, please contact AltaPacific Bank. Your efforts will stop fraudsters before others become their victims.

  • Persons receiving counterfeit checks in the mail are being asked by a fraudulent company to deposit the counterfeit checks and then return a portion of the funds back to an unknown source.
  • These unknown persons are attempting check fraud and using unsuspecting consumers as their victims.
  • These checks are counterfeit and are not AltaPacific Bank Cashier's Checks.
  • The phone number on these fraudulent checks is not a valid phone number of AltaPacific Bank.
  • Do not attempt to process these checks. They will be returned as counterfeit.
  • AltaPacific Bank has contacted the appropriate law enforcement agencies to report this fraud, and locate and prosecute those who are involved in this check fraud scheme.

If you are contacted by these fraudsters, file a report with law enforcement agencies.